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Our website design service is available for newly qualified mediators, students who have just completed mediation training or professionals who are just starting out on their journey of a new business set-up, who want a low cost but high quality, first website building for them. We work on a one to one basis with each client to explore their new start-up business and marketing plan and work with them to find a design solution that they like, clients like and is effective for acquiring business. 

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At the Mediation Consultancy we partner with WIX and unless our clients expressly ask to use a different website host, we will build your project using the WIX platform. The reason we do this is because we believe that WIX is ideal for first time users and designers who have absolutely no prior knowledge of building a website. 

As members of the WIX Partner Program, we can access the following services to compliment our personal services when creating, designing and publishing your website:

  • A Dashboard where you can collaborate with other team members

  • Organising team members, resources and tools

  • A range of business tools that can help you with the operation of your website and day to day administration, such as a built in CRM, CMS and invoicing system for client billing

  • Custom branding services to help you create and design your branding for logos

The website builder package that we provide, using the services above, will result in you having a professional, simple website with all of the following support and functionality:

  • Domain name

  • Web hosting

  • Logo creation

  • Website themes, templates and build and design editor

  • SEO support

  • Google Analytics GA4 support

  • A case management system, to include diary management, tasks, appointments and bookings

  • A client relationship management function to log mediation enquiries and follow them through in easy steps

  • Accounting and basic book-keeping including raising invoices and collecting payment online

  • AI content creation

  • Augmented design integration (ADI)

  • Other useful additions include a portfolio template to promote your mediator profile, onine calendar to book mediations, integrated Zoom for client calls, event marketing facility, podcast and webinar hosting, audio visual functionaility and a blog platform.

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Building your mediation website digital guide

Building your Mediation Website

If you would like the flexibility of using a website host and design service yourself, rather than outsourcing the development of your website to someone like us, you could. That would save on the cost of paying for the time and effort of others, because you invest the time and effort into it yourself. When you are starting your own mediation practice saving on cost is likely to be very appealing. You may still find though that you would welcome some simple tips and tools to help you get started.


Newly Qualified Mediators we have worked with:
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For Newly Qualified Mediators who have trained with Essential Mediation Solutions

Our Mediation Website Design Service, in partnership with Essential Mediation Solutions, will take your mediation practice to the next level. We offer a discounted rate for mediators who have trained with EMS, to ensure that your website not only matches your brand philosophy, but speaks directly to your clientele. Our professional and contemporary designs create a lasting impression and drive traffic to your website.

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