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Being a successful mediator or dispute resolution professional depends largely upon building successful relationships with clients. It may not be immediately obvious how social media plays a part in this. If we think about some social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook, you would be forgiven for asking, 'how are these going to bring me more mediation bookings?. Take some of the social media platforms in isolation and it may well be that being on them make no difference at all. The key is to use the right social media platforms at the right time, in the right way and to manipulate them to work for you.

Social Media Platforms

Using the right ones, to the best effect

We can advise you on the best social media platforms to use to get the most effective market exposure at the right time. We look in depth at twitter, linkedin, facebook, instagram, quora and other lesser know platforms. We run marketing analysis on each platform and assess the suitability of each one for marketing mediation and dispute resolution services. We can advise you on what works and what doesn't. We are happy to review your social media posts and provide you with feedback and new ideas about how you can enhance their effectiveness with a few simple tweaks here and there.

We dedicate our time and resources to constantly researching what is happening in the mediation and dispute resolution industry. By implementing social listening and social engagement skills, we can advise you of the hot topics that you can get involved in. We will encourage you to engage in these topics to raise your own brand and your profile. Not only that but we will provide you with the right tools to create effective social media posts that encourage your audience to engage with you. We will help you to understand how to implement things such as a call to action or improve your inbound linking. The scope of our involvement with your social media marketing depends upon how much or how little support you want from us.

What is a
Social Media Strategy?

Every business needs to have a social media strategy.  A social media strategy is a plan, where you look at everything you propose to do with your social media channels, what you want to achieve and how you intend to implement it. The more detailed you make your social media strategy the more effective it is likely to be.

Your social media strategy will always require reviewing on a regular basis and this is where the social media audit comes in.


What is a social media audit?


The purpose of a social media audit is to review your social media metrics and analyse whether there is opportunity to generate further growth and improve your social media presence.

You can learn a lot from looking at your social media channels, such as linkedin, twitter and facebook and exploring how well you manage (or don’t manage) your online branding. It’s not always easy to give your social media or online presence as much attention as you should. You may not be inclined to pay it a lot of attention if it is not necessarily your area of expertise. A social media audit is a great way to help you understand where you should be paying attention. The results can help you to get on track and identify opportunities for reflection and growth.

ROI explained (Return on Investment)

An important part of that analysis is your ROI (return on investment). In its simplest form your ROI is the reward or value that you receive from your social media efforts after taking away the cost of that effort. For example does a post on social media generate a lead that converts into a sale? Does the value of that sale exceed the money it cost e.g to run an ad on social media? This is clear ROI.

A social media audit will look at everything you originally adopted from your social media strategy. We will create a clear picture of your current social media efforts (and ROI) and recommend ways to improve your return on investment and level of engagement.  We will ask questions such as, ‘What should you focus on moving forward’ and ‘how can you improve your best practices with the resources that are available to you?’

Looking at existing Social Media Channels

The most likely first step you took when you started your social media strategy was to decide which social media channels to adopt.  This then led to creating profiles on those channels so you could begin to engage with your clients. You may not even have realised that by signing up to social media channels you were in fact implementing a strategy!


We will identify how much of your social media is having a positive impact on the ROI and help you to streamline your presence on social media.  You want to make sure that the efforts you are putting in resonate with your audience and increase your inbound marketing and engagement.


KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

We do this by looking at KPIs or key performance indicators. This includes things like the number of likes you get, engagement such as new followers, comments, retweets, shares and conversion rates.

The audit will also help us to identify what might not be working. You may have outdated profiles on social media that you didn’t even realise were there! These could be revived or deleted and replaced with better ones that work for you. We may even find that other organisations have social media profiles on you that you didn’t realise existed. You might like to liaise with them about how to make best use of those channels in a way that is more mutually beneficial. 

How does the social media audit work?

We will evaluate the different types of social media platforms that you are using and how effectively they are working for you.


We will focus on 5 key elements:

  1. Social networking (Linkedin, Facebook, Google My Business)

  2. Microblogging (twitter, tumblr)

  3. Photo sharing (Instagram, pinterest, snapchat)

  4. Video sharing (youtube, vimeo)

  5. Article sharing (Podcasts, webinars, case studies, articles,, flipboard)

All of these elements are significant to varying degrees depending upon what your business goals are. That is why it is important to set meaningful social media marketing goals.


Within the social media audit we will keep in mind who your target audience is, establish what the most important metrics are for your particular business and analyse your competition to see what they are doing.


Once this is done we will provide you with a report on our findings and offer tips on how to improve your social media marketing efforts by advising on:

  1. how to create and curate more attractive content

  2. ways you can increase your brand awareness.  

  3. Avoiding vanity metrics and instead growing your brand audience

  4. How to reach your core audience and discover platforms that are engaged in conversations about your industry.

  5. The most effective way to use hashtags, keywords and user generated content.

  6. Which social media channels work best for you depending upon what you want to achieve

  7. How to track your own results

  8. How to use basic analytics

  9. Where to get support with content writing and introduce you to industry specific contacts

  10. Ways to identify social competitors and compare their performance to yours.

A social media audit is one of the most comprehensive analyses you can do on your business marketing. Let us support you in building your business brand and make you more successful in engaging with your clients. 

Social Listening & Monitoring

Social Listening

We use social listening and social monitoring to help drive your business forward. What is social listening? Social listening is the process of monitoring the various social media channels and looking for mentions of your brand, posts from competitors within the dispute resolution industry, courses they market and other ways they market their  services. We then track these to analyse how successful they are and even respond to conversations about them on the social media channels. Social listening can be used to help improve your engagement on social media by really understanding what your audience are looking for.

Social Monitoring

We also highly value social monitoring. What is social media monitoring? Social media monitoring is the process of listening out for conversations and interactions on social media that are relevant to your brand. We can use tools to collect social mentions you may get. We can track keywords, hashtags, and URLs that your audience appear to be interested in. By social monitoring you can see where and how your brand name is being used, how your dispute resolution services are being received, what mentions your main competitors are receiving and how clients are searching for services in your area. Social monitoring can track key phrases that are being searched for in the sector and you can develop ways to respond and engage with your audience. 

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