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About the Collaborator

My professional career to date spans across 35 years.  I began my journey in the retail sector in 1987 at entry level being in customer service and sales floor management. I progressed to senior management level rapidly because sales, leadership and customer service came so naturally to me. I also spent part of my earlier career working as a civil servant on the frontline for what is now referred to as the Department for Work and Pensions. The skills I learnt here were invaluable because of the experiences I had included having difficult conversations and mastering the art of communication. My later career has been spent as senior management in the dispute resolution sector focusing on sales, financial accounting, HR, Operations and marketing. My continuing studies alongside my career included social, legal and political philosophy, sales management, digital marketing and training in the foundations of commercial mediation.

Career to Date

study desk

Study Timeline 1989 - 2023

Personal Branding for Career Success

Marketing Communications as a Strategic Function

Marketing in the 21st Century

Business Branding - Strategy and Expression

Blog Blueprint: How to turn Blogging into a Career

Google Analytics Certification

Google Analytics for Beginners

Linkedin Marketing: B2B Sales & Lead Generation from scratch

Run a Social Media Marketing Online Business

SEO Training: Get free traffic to your website with SEO

SEO Tutorial for Beginners

The Complete Digital Marketing Course

The Complete Guide to designing a Mobile App

Foundation Certificate in Commercial Mediation

Commercial Mediation for the 21st Century Lawyer

Postgraduate Degree Masters: Legal and Political Philosophy

Diploma: Inclusive Education for Special Educational Needs

Undergraduate Degree BA Hons: Law

Further Education: Law, Sociology, Accounting

Work & Approach Ethic

career ladder

Career Timeline 1989 - 2023

Mediation Case Management

Retail sales and Floor Management

Customer Service

Civil Service

Committed to One Another

I value the visible and invisible qualities that make you and I who we are.

I embrace the fact that every person brings a unique identity, perspective and experience to the dispute resolution process.

I am passionate about having a positive impact on the mental health and physical wellbeing of every client I interact with. I want the interaction to be a positive one for the client and for me.

I strive to make the practice of DE & I at the very heart of what I do and how I do it.

I treat every day as a learning day. I know that the broader the spectrum of our community and the more open we are to new experiences, the more we will learn.

Every client and team member should feel empowered, valued, appreciated and respected.



I will harness diversity, equity and inclusion in the following ways:

By allowing control and autonomy 

I believe that more flexibility in the workplace increases productivity. I respect the privacy of others and are aware of individual needs, such as not making contact outside of working hours and permitting people to turn off visuals during video meetings. I will always be conscious of ways in which we can reduce physical and emotional burdens on people. I aim to create a culture that does not put people under unnecessary pressure.


My business is completely transparent. All employees and collaborators are welcome to know every aspect of the business, especially health and safety policy procedures.

There is no place for unconscious bias

I strive to treat everyone with understanding and compassion. Remember that we are all experiencing different things in our lives that may impact our performance at work and in our professional capacity. 

I wholeheartedly embrace and respect:

Age and generation


Ethnicity and Race

Gender identity and expression and sexual orientiation


Life experiences

Personality and perspectives


Religion, beliefs and spirituality

Thinking and learning styles

Organisational functions and levels

My Pledge to the Planet

As a small business I am a supporter of and signatory to the World Mediators Alliance on Climate Change (WoMACC) Green Pledge. I have committed to minimising the environmental impact of each mediation in which I am directly or indirectly involved in, in the ways outlined in the Pledge, including avoiding unnecessary travel and using electronic technology wherever possible. I am also committed to encouraging those with whom I work with in the dispute resolution sector similarly to minimise their carbon emissions. I believe that each individual should be conscious of their own carbon footprint and the impact that they have on the planet every day.​​​​​​​


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