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SEO services – What should you expect?

In the age of digital marketing we all understand the benefits of ranking on search engines. When a client searches a term that is related to mediation services, the ideal is that your mediator profile ranks on page one of google, if not position 1. To help you achieve good SEO you intend to collaborate with a digital marketing agency like ours. So, what can you expect from our SEO services?

Whilst the basic principles of digital marketing and SEO are the same, a strategy needs to be bespoke for each individual mediator. The ways in which an agency might support you, should differ to how they support another mediator.

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Mediation is a very niche market and each mediator has different strengths and weaknesses, when it comes to their marketing strategy. A good mediator marketing agency should spend time with you in the early stages to find out, in which areas of your mediator marketing you need the most support. The level of support should be adapted and flexible depending upon which if the following you require or desire;

· Mediator profile exposure

· Search engine optimization (SEO)

· Website development

· Course and event promotion

· Newsletter, literature and business card design

· Email marketing

· Administration and case management support

In the first instance, an agency should spend time with you getting to know your mediation practice, in its current form, and also how you wish it to develop. Next, an SEO website audit should be conducted, to provide a SWOT analysis for you. Time should then be spent, going through the results to discuss areas of improvement. These two tasks should form the basis of your new marketing strategy.

On an ongoing basis your consultant, should be constantly researching the market to see how things develop and change over time. This includes doing extensive keyword research to see what keywords and mediation related terms, the best mediators are ranking for. These keywords can be assessed along side your current marketing to ensure you are maximising on what is popular to reach your potential and gain greatest exposure, across all platforms.

This should be done in parallel with regular website health checks. A weekly health check can show up whether your web pages are running efficiently. Making sure that Google is crawling your website, that no links are broken and checking for tags and meta descriptions, alt tags and external factors is the best way of monitoring effectiveness.

A good agency will always keep you fully informed of the tasks that they are performing for you in the background. They should be honest and explain that some things will work and other things may not. They should be prepared to accept some successes and some failures to, but always be working towards the common goals that you have set from the beginning. It is not realistic to get immediate results with digital marketing. Any agency that claims they can, are not being entirely honest. It is most likely to take several months to gain and increase in your traffic, leads, conversions and revenue. As your agencies efforts on your SEO increase, so too should your results.

There are, of course, varying levels of support available. Which level of support you go for, is going to have a direct impact on the results that can be achieved, and the time spent collaborating with you. However, the basics always remain the same, getting to know you as an independent mediator and understanding the process you want to make.


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