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A fundamental part of securing mediation bookings is setting up and managing a good diary. This mini guide takes you through the basic steps you need to take to ensure that you have those fundamentals right. 

Snippet of guide content:

When a client makes an enquiry about the services of a mediator, one of the most important factors is dates of availability that a mediator has.


In our thirty years experience of being Mediation Case Managers we have always been more likely to succeed in booking a mediator if we have immediate access to an accurately kept diary of a mediator. ​It sounds unlikely but trust us!


If a client makes an enquiry they usually have a period of time, or even a specific date in mind. How do you market your availability?


You can indirectly influence a clients desire to book a mediation date.


You can demonstrate availability by marketing your flexibility. Show in your marketing how you can be adaptable and affable.

Managing your Mediator Diary

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